We like to think of our smallholding as more of a 'cottage farm'. We've all heard of cottage gardening, the practice of growing an informal jumble of fruits, veggies and flowers along with a few hens, The cottage farm follows the same patchwork approach, a variety of small scale agricultural enterprises on a manageable, sustainable scale. To us this is not just 'hobby' farming, but a serious effort to produce as much of our own food from the land as we can.

Home-grown food is nutritious and sustainable, far superior to most of what we can buy in the shops, if we all used our gardens for growing our own produce, we could make so much difference to our own health and the health of our planet. Anyone with an interest in healthy food can be a cottage farmer, from a few tubs of vegetables in a courtyard, a veggie patch and a few hens in the back garden or a community smallholding project, there are so many ways we can get involved in growing our own food.